USPLabs Prime Review – One of the Best Alternatives to Steroids

by admin on November 3, 2009

If you are looking for some of the best alternatives to Steroids it is always a good idea to read the Internet bodybuilding forums to see who is logging the supplement and what are their end results.  I’ve scanned a lot of USPLabs Prime reviews as well as taken USPLabs Prime myself and have found it to be one of the alternatives to steroids on the market today.

You can find USP Prime reviews on several supplement and bodybuilding forums or the review pages on internet supplement retailers.  There are many claims as to what the best steroid alternatives are but you will find a lot of consistency when reading USP Prime reviews out there on the Internet.

USPLabs Prime doesn’t work through androgenic or hormonal activity like designer steroids do but is believed to act through anti-glucocorticoid effects, providing a possible mechanism for the increase in muscle mass seen with USP Labs Prime.

Pro-hormones, pro-steroids, and designer steroids work by increasing anabolic hormones in the body which will also cause your natural testosterone production to drop.  This requires doing PCT (post cycle therapy) and there is always a risk of losing muscle gains during this period of time.  USPLabs Prime method of action is not hormonal so there is no loss of muscle mass after completing the the cycle of the product.  View testimonies below.

Most of the USP Prime reviews will state the gains are not noticeable as designer steroids or prohormones but when you factor in a complete lack of side effects and keeping 100% of your muscle gains it makes it one of the best alternatives to steroids that you can purchase.  I’ve read some reviews that say the price isn’t worth it but I for one don’t see it that way.

Since USPLabs Prime is not liver toxic and does not cause hormonal shutdown there is no need for extra supplements like milk thistle for the liver or PCT supplements to kick your natural hormones back to their normal levels.  The best steroid alternatives should not only be cost effective but they should allow you to maintain your muscle gains as well as your good health.

When I used USPLabs Prime I found my recovery in the gym was faster than ever but I did have to take the higher recommended dose because of my heavy weight to feel these effects.  It was well worth the muscle and strength gains and the lack of lethargy and other side effects you get with designer steroids or pro-hormones.

Overall many of the USP Prime reviews praise the product but you will also read about the guy that made no gains at all.  It doesn’t really matter what supplement you take you still need to workout hard and follow proper nutritional guidelines to make any gains at all.  I often wonder about the guys that complain of not making any muscle gains at all because regardless of if they used a supplement or not if they were at least eating right and working out correctly they would make some kind of gains.

To see the full line of USP Lab Supplements click here. You will not find any “me too” products with the USP Labs label on it. Everything i-Supplements brings to you will be completely unique, revolutionary and effective. They guarantee every USP Labs supplement you use will completely exceed your expectations.  Give USPLabs Prime and see if it ranks up there as one of the best alternatives to steroids.

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