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Richard August 16, 2010 at 12:19 am

Hello, and boy am I glad to get a hold of you. I am a bodybuilder and have been bodybuilding for some time now. I live in Australia and was buying “Anabolics” unquote of the Net but have stopped that because of “customs” laws her in Australia. I have been looking to find alternatives because of the trouble I was having. So, pro-hormones seems a better way to go because (1) they do the same job as anabolic’s , (2) there are much less side affects, (3)most are classified as “Peptides” unquote” and others are labeled simply as “research chemicals” not for human consumption. So, you are probably wondering why I am emailing you; with all this information which you already know. Well it seems that you have gone to a lot of trouble to advise us sports people what are still legal in the way of Pro-Hormones. So, as I live in Australia what do you think are the best Pro-Hormones that do the same job as Halodrol or Superdrol ect, that are “”not banned yet””, the best sites in which to purchase, and Pro-Hormones that are more likely to get delivered to me with out hassle. Any suggestions you might have would be much appreciated. Cheeeeeers. Standing by for your response.

Richard September 5, 2010 at 8:52 am

Hello my name is Richard and I would like to say thank you for watching out for us bodybuilders. I agree with you 100% that the labs are working hard enough to stay ahead of the FDA. I live in Australia right, and I can assure you that it want be long before customs fight to have “createin and protein” banned, I know they won’t but it feels like that sometimes. I have put hundreds of hours in the gym, and I am not getting any younger. In fact I am 54 years of age but lets keep that one between ourselves. Anyway, I am very much in need of products like the one’s you have mentioned so I stand up and say thank you for what you do and I suspect hundreds of other bodybuilders feel the same way. What about living in a Democratic society were we have the freedom to choose, ya like that will happen or more to the point not. Anyway thank you for your “leave a comment” section it allows me and other to express our opinions. PS just of hand I live in “Australia” right and was wondering if you know of any other great products, that the FDA don’t know about yet, as this will allow delivery to me without trouble with customs; please, please, please let me know. Thank you and hope to hear a response from you soon regarding other great prohormone products.

Legal Steroids January 2, 2011 at 2:00 am

New Breakthrough. A true Legal Anabolic Compound DIANABOL aka “Dbol” Hits The market in 2011.
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extremely dramatic muscle strength and size gains. D-bol has a special formulation containing a unique proprietary blend of constituents and growth factors that
exert a pronounced ergogenic action in the body after oral administration. D-Bol lacks an altered c-17th
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, there seems to be a longer half-life of anabolic activity present in trained skeletal muscle.
Aromatization and water retention also seem reduced because of this configuration. Users are reporting gains
greater than any other legal oral anabolic compound without the negative side effects. There are reports of
excellent gains on as little as 2 capsules/day. Others have noted tremendous mass and strength gains with doses
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WARNING – The products sold by our company may help induce extreme muscle growth and fat loss during weight
training cycles. Due to their profound effects and potencies it is recomended to seek the guidance of a physician
prior to use.
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Cheyne February 28, 2011 at 4:13 am

My name is Cheyne, Hi, I’ve been an avid intermediate weight trainer/bodybuilder for more than 5 yrs now and have found a lot of great articles and supplements on the market to enhance your weight training experience and give some results with great effect on confidence and respect for the sport/hobby I endure. I am always searching the internet for supplements and have been researching the use of steroids, I am a sceptic, though have been reading alot of the legal steriods that have been advertised though are not available on the great country I live in “Australia”, I understand we have an outstanding boarder control unit, though still have the notion that if these so called legal steroids that are in no need of prescription in the USA, why cant these be available by post to Australia without detection. I have researched Deca-diboldazol(USA), can you give me some insight how to get my hands on some of this outrages stuff (get it in Australia) to take me to the next level in my training and bulk appearance. I am discreet and can be selfish at times…..Thank you for your time and knowledge.

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