The Top 10 Most Popular Prohormones Online That are Still Available

by admin on November 2, 2009

If you don’t want to risk the legal implications of buying illegal anabolic steroids you can still find some of the most popular prohormones online and they are legal to buy.  The FDA has been updating the banned prohormones list every year but each year they either miss a few or companies are releasing new designer steroids under new chemical structures making it hard to completely eliminate them.

If you are looking to buy prohormones or designer steroids you can still find great prices here by clicking on this line to Many online retailers have pulled their full line of prohormones leaving just a few competitors online and they are selling them like crazy.

Here are a few of the most popular prohormones that are still available to buy

  1. Hemadrol Propadrol Stack by EST
  2. Spawn by Myogenix
  3. Furazadrol by Axis Labs
  4. Metyhl Halobolin by Sports One
  5. Super Flex by Black China Labs
  6. Anabolic Power Stack by Schwartz Labs
  7. Deca Pro by Sports One
  8. Revamp by APS
  9. Sustanon 250 by Hi-Tech
  10. Ultra Mass Stack by APS

These are currently the most popular prohormones that you can still buy.  If you are planning on stocking up to beat the ban you can put them in your freezer to squeeze out a few extra years on the shelf life.  Remember these are real steroids or aka “designer steroids” so make sure you are using them correctly and don’t waste time going to the gym if you don’t plan on eating the right foods to gain muscle.  These are actual legal steroids and should be researched prior to using.  Make sure to use liver support if you are using methylated prohormones and always follow a good post cycle therapy protocol when coming off.  In between cycles use something like USPLabs Prime to keep the gains coming.  These are the top prohormones available for now but the list may change as things go out of stock and new bans by the FDA go into effect.

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